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From The Desk Of:

Hey, it’s Ram here again, along with Pallab.

I want to ask one simple question -

'How will you feel to know what are The Big Wolves of CPA Marketing promoting?'

IMAGINE... what if you can literally SPY on your competitors. Check what they are promoting, how are their landing pages & what ads they run to get better  CPA conversion rates?

It would be interesting, right?

"You’re only a few clicks away from discovering your competitors’ profitable keywords, ad copy, and landing pages."

Wouldn't it be easier, if you get to know:

We want to save you all that time and effort of figuring it all out on your own, navigate you away from all the mistakes, and get you the best, fastest results possible. We’ve decided to hand over to you, right here, 05 THE CPA EAGLE Done-For-You funnels, each one tested and proven to convert

Image result for question iconWhat is that Top CPA Affiliate Marketer promoting?

Image result for question iconHow does the landing page look like?

Image result for question iconWhy is the landing page converting so well?

Image result for question iconWhat is his/her PPC Ad Copy?

Image result for question iconWhat is so special in their Ad description which is making people take action?

Image result for question iconWhich KeyWords they are targeting to get High Click Through Rate?

Image result for question iconWhich Keywords can help you run a Laser Targeted CPA Traffic Campaign?

Yes, it's possible to know all the above mentioned things with 'Just One Click of This AWESOME Software'

Watch 'PPC Ad Wizard' In Action:

All the user has to do is to select the niche, location and how many pages he wants to scan.

The software will gather all the data of ads such as titles, descriptions,url’s, contact info and also the ad extensions. (For live search ads currently running). Also the titles, descriptions, url’s (For currently running live call-only ads)...

This can be really powerful as it can save lots of time and cash for you which means you won’t have to pay for costly monthly subscriptions such as SpyFu or SEMrush.

Replicate What's Already Working For Others

This powerful tool allows them to steal 100s of ad copy ideas, including descriptions, landing pages and the hottest buyer keywords in any niche in less than One minute flat!

PPC AD Wizard Software allows to harvest not only all the AD titles, descriptions,addresses, telephone numbers and also AD extensions like sitelinks, enhanced sitelink titles and also descriptions of LIVE ADS currently running in the search campaigns, but it also enable you to harvest only the Pay Per call ADS separately.

This way you can go through the local businesses who are running regular search ADS and also targeted these businesses as potential clients for call-only campaigns.

You can then offer your services to do local marketing for you or you can use the data gathered from the software to run your own winning Pay per Call Ad campaigns.

In addition, you can also see how other advertisers are running Call Only campaigns in AdWords by getting the information from the call-only module of the software.

The best part is that the software also scrapes the call extensions such as “call-outs” which can help to improve the CTR’s of ad campaigns.

REPLICATE What's Already Working For
The Big Wolves Of CPA Marketing...How?

SPY On Your Competitors With The CPA Eagle - 'PPC Ad Wizard'

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Here's How You Can SPY On Your Competitors...

Learn how other advertisers group their keywords, ads, and landing pages.

Find out which ads get the most traffic & Uncover your top competitors in google, yahoo, and bing

Create better landing pages & promote better CPA offers by studying your competitors offers and landing pages

You can even Improve CTR and Lower CPC

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With the 'Keyword Suggest Wizard Software', you'll be:

  • Learn from Your Top Competitors
  • Find New Profitable Keywords
  • Improve CTR and Lower CPC
  • Identify New SEO Terms

Why You Need The CPA Eagle - 'PPC Ad Wizard' Software?

Save Time

No need to outsource converting CPA offers, make mistakes choosing wrong offers, test out traffic, or write and design ad copies & landing pages.

Save Money

No need to pay to content writers for landing pages & PPC ad copies or hire designers to create ads, landing pages etc

Make Money Fast

By Spying on your competitors you will take out all the guesswork, you simply can’t go wrong

Autopilot Money

PPC Ad Wizard will help you with everything - PPC ad copies, landing pages & right CPA offers. You just need to replicate those and set it up once and harvest the money on autopilot.

What It Costs To Create A High Converting CPA Funnel Yourself

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