COVID-19 hospitalization levels for NC's oldest old exceed pre … – WFAE

During the first week of December, hospitals were once again admitting hundreds of North Carolinians for COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases. But while much of the media coverage has focused on pitiable small children coughing and struggling for air, it turns out many of the new admissions have really white hair: Nearly three in 10 of […]

A Bleak Winter? Modeling the Next Six Months of COVID, Flu, and … – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

JHU Emergency Information and Weather AlertsCOVID cases are rising. What do the next few months hold?COVID-19 will still be with us in 2023, but what does that mean in terms of hospitalizations, deaths, and other impacts? As they’ve done 15 other times during the pandemic, COVID-19 Scenario Modeling Hub research teams have made and shared their […]

China to Ease Quarantine, Unnecessary Testing in Covid Pivot After … – Bloomberg

Insight and analysis of top stories from our award winning magazine “Bloomberg Businessweek”.Ashlee Vance explores innovations in new tech, software, engineering, and science in places outside of Silicon Valley.Evergrande Misses Overhaul Proposal Deadline Amid Creditor TalksChina Stock Investors Eye Better 2023 After $3.9 Trillion RoutXi’s China GDP Estimate Shows Economy Grew at Least 4.4% in […]

Rishi Sunak to impose Covid tests on travellers from China in U-turn – The Guardian

Department of Health confirms that from 5 January anyone travelling to England will be asked to take a pre-departure test Rishi Sunak has performed a major U-turn by imposing Covid checks on travellers from China from 5 January, after criticism from a growing number of Conservative MPs over his “dithering”.After a series of seemingly mixed […]

A reflection on how COVID-19 affected Minnesota in 2022 – MinnPost

COVID has become something we’ve learned to live with – live being the operative word. But the outlook wasn’t so optimistic – almost worry-free – at the start of the year.What is time?A philosophical question, I know, but one I find myself asking more and more since the initial COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns in March of […]

COVID-19 turmoil in public schools powers Utah private education … – Standard-Examiner

SALT LAKE CITY — Under a proposal coming to the 2023 Utah Legislature, the state would hire a contractor to manage an education “scholarship” program to funnel public funds to parent applicants for home schooling, charter schools, tutoring and related purposes.It’s an updated twist in an area long pursued by conservative advocates, tapping public school […]